The Northern New England Pollinator Habitat Working Group

A multistate, multidisciplinary working group has been established to share information, assess critical research and outreach needs, and identify emerging issues in conservation, maintenance, and enhancement of pollinator habitat across northern New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont). Factors that threaten pollinators and their habitat in this highly-forested region may differ from those in other parts of the country.


Enhancing pollinator habitat through research, education and design.

From Nursery to Nature:  Are native cultivars as valuable to pollinators as native species?

Since 2011, Annie S. White has been studying this topic at multiple field sites in northern Vermont (zones 4a and 4b) as a PhD student in Plant & Soil Science at the University of Vermont. Under the guidance of Dr. Leonard Perry, I established replicated experimental pollinator gardens to monitor pollinator visitation to 12 native species and 14 native cultivars, to evaluate their garden performance, and to study patterns of nectar production in an additional two native species and four native cultivars.